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Your own Bhamboo House, depending on location and design, could lie between €250,000 and €1,000,000(*). This includes plot visits, personalized house and garden design, and advice on extra comforts like a pool. Permanent updates throughout the construction are naturally included, and the build is rounded off with a house warming party.

From day one, your personal Bhamboo Team Project Leader will provide the communication link to your property build, introducing you to all those involved in the design and construction of your house. Depending on your wishes, you can stay in contact with individual team members, but if you prefer, you can also delegate communication to your Project Leader.

(*) Pricing excludes items such as taxes, notary, lawyer, and other fees.Depending on complexity, purchasers should calculate these coststo be at least 10% of their purchase price. Your Bhamboo Project Leader will be able to provide up-to-date information upon request.

Elektor Inside

Elektor is the sister company of Bhamboo Housing, a platform that is 63 years young. Supported by over200,000 members made up of electronic engineers, students, startups, and investors from over 120 countries, their mission is “Let’s tech the future.”

Elektor is also a founding partner of various events. The Fast Forward Awards is a global startup competition for engineering innovators. They also drive Ethics in Electronics (EiE), offering a network an devents supporting businesses attain their sustainability goals while remaining fiscally responsible.

Thanks to the Elektor Lab’s involvement in the Bhamboo Housing design team, the innovation continues after you’ve been handed the keys to your home. The purchase price includes a 10-yearParticipation Program, where Elektor engineers
will visit you annually to provide updates on green technology advancements, explain how existing properties are being made greener, and discuss approaches for independence from public services and fossil-fuel energy sources.

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